A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

"The worst game ever programmed for a game jam." IGN

"0,00000000001/10" GameSpot

A stupid, impossible-to-win game.
The goal of the game is to kill the Phoenix, the legendary fire bird.
The only problem is... it regenerates itself every time you shoot it !!
Don't play it too long, or you'll get mad.
And remember : you CAN NOT kill the Phoenix !!!
(oh, wait, actually maybe there's a secret way to kill it)


left / right arrows : move the crosshair

space : shoot

escape : back to main menu (or exit the game if you're already in the main menu)

PlatformsWindows, Linux
AuthorXom Adept
Made withSDL

Install instructions

Extract the folder inside the zip file.

Keep the folder as it is, just launch the executable file.
You need the SDL 2.0 library to play this game.
If you use Windows, all dll files needed are inside the extracted folder.
If you use Linux, install the following : libsdl2, libsdl2-image, libsdl2-mixer, libsdl2-ttf. You can install it easily with the Synaptic package manager.
You can also get the SDL2 source at : https://libsdl.org/


phoenix_hunt_windows.zip 4 MB
phoenix_hunt_linux.zip 1 MB

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